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Tiny tasks for playful engagement


Worksheets that invite your little one to tackle tasks with the smile of a winner. Math or science, every concept is made easy and engaging to excel and appreciate.

Print and play with concepts


Designed to be subtle and super friendly, printable worksheets encourage kids to participate and take up tasks and challenges.

Because kids love when concepts enable their exploratory potential.

Let your child to see, envision and excel


Enchanting visuals that tell the tale. Give your child the advantage of imagination and getting involved with the story.

Begin the ‘never-give-up’ attitude


Games that incite critical thinking by encouraging positive responses to tasks. Give your children the resources to discover their innate uniqueness.

Developing and imbibing motor skills


Get your kid to become social and a team player. Access activities that move kids to perform tasks and operations and finish the big picture.

Our USPs

Team of experienced educators and instructional designers
Research-driven simplification of concepts and structures
Artists with a child’s eye to render visually enchanting stories
Story tellers to make every bit of learning creative and compelling

Parent Testimonials

Sudhakar B
@Sudhakar B

Online worksheets on are fantastic. Its a great way to keep my kid busy and interested at the same time. After my kid started using the worksheets on, I notice that he is now answering the questions more confidently during their online classes.

Arun Kumar
@Arun Kumar

The online worksheet designs are very captivating. My Son in Grade-1 enjoys doing online worksheets and printable worksheets especially activity based. Both, Me and my wife are employees and are usually busy with meetings, We are happy that our son is engaged in useful learning activities and allows us to focus on our work.


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